Corporate Profile


  • Three industrial organizations merged into New JRECO in Oct. 2013.
    1. JRECO (Japan Refrigerants and Environment Conservation Organization) <Est.1993>
      JICOP (Japan Industrial Conference for Ozone Layer and Climate Protection) <Est.1989>
      INFREP (Industrial Network for Fluorocarbon Recovery Promotion) <Est.2007>
  • New JRECO aims to be a ONE-STOP site concerning fluorocarbon issues and measures in Japan.

Principal activities

  • New JRECO promotes the rational use of fluorocarbons and minimization of the emissions from products as refrigerators or air-conditioners for global warming prevention.
  • Businesses of New JRECO are as follows.
    1. 1. Reduction of refrigerants emission from refrigerators or air-conditioners during use and disposal
      2. Rational use and reuse of fluorocarbons
      3. Administration of appropriate management system on refrigerants in refrigerators or air-conditioners
      4. Training and certification of the technician who are engaged in charging, recovery and inspection of refrigerants
      5. Measures based on "the Law on rational use and appropriate management of fluorocarbons"
      6. International activities concerning ozone layer and climate protection
      7. Gathering and offering information on the trend of fluorocarbons measures
      8. Research and development on ozone layer and climate protection
      9. Cooperative projects with government and relative industries

Contact details

  • 406-2, Kikaishinko-kaikan, 3-5-8, Shibakoen, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 105-0011, Japan
    1. Phone : +81-3-5733-5311
      Fax : +81-3-5733-5312
      URL :